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......@@ -200,5 +200,5 @@
<string name="info_copied_version">Version in die Zwischenablage kopiert</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_patreon">Bitte hilf uns, indem du die Entwicklung dieser App auf Patreon unterstützt</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_button">Unterstützen</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_button">Entwicklung Unterstützen</string>
......@@ -200,5 +200,4 @@
<string name="info_copied_version">La versione è stato copiata negli appunti</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_patreon">Per favore supporta lo sviluppo di questa app su Patreon</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_button">Dona</string>
......@@ -200,5 +200,4 @@
<string name="info_copied_version">Versija nukopijuota į atmintinę</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_patreon">Padėkite mums toliau plėtoti šią programėlę prisidėdami per Patreon</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_button">Parama</string>
......@@ -198,5 +198,4 @@
<string name="info_copied_version">Versão copiada para a área de transferência</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_patreon">Por favor, ajudem a apoiar o desenvolvimento deste aplicativo através de Patreon</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_button">Doar</string>
......@@ -145,5 +145,4 @@
<string name="info_copied_version">Verzija kopirana u klipbord</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_patreon">Molimo Vas da podržite razvoj ove aplikacije na Patreonu</string>
<string name="advertisement_support_button">Doniraj</string>
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