Better debug logging for timeouts

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package de.kuschku.libquassel.session
import de.kuschku.libquassel.protocol.message.SignalProxyMessage
import de.kuschku.libquassel.util.compatibility.LoggingHandler.Companion.log
import de.kuschku.libquassel.util.compatibility.LoggingHandler.LogLevel.INFO
import org.threeten.bp.Duration
import org.threeten.bp.Instant
......@@ -11,7 +13,9 @@ class HeartBeatThread(private val session: Session) : Thread() {
while (running) {
val now =
if (Duration.between(lastHeartBeatReply, now).toMillis() > TIMEOUT) {
val duration = Duration.between(lastHeartBeatReply, now).toMillis()
if (duration > TIMEOUT) {
log(INFO, "Session", "Ping Timeout: Last Response ${duration}ms ago")
} else {
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